Breaks In Service
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Breaks In Service

After no contributions are made on your behalf for 24 consecutive months you have a break in service. There are ways to prevent a break in service:  

  • You are entitled to WSIB credits, which reduce the period to less than 24 months.  Read more
  • you are employed under a Plan that has a signed reciprocal agreement with the LPF as described below.

Money Follows the Worker (Reciprocal Agreement)

If you are temporarily employed under the Laborers' Western Plan, BC Labourers' Plan, in Quebec or with the CCWU, you have the option to have your pension contributions transferred on a monthly basis to the LPF. 

The Reciprocal Agreements between the LPF and the Western/BC Plans, the LPF and the CCQ and the LPF and the CCWU provides members who are working outside their home locals the option to have their pension contributions transferred between the LPF and the other respective plan, so that they keep accumulating pension without incurring a break in service.  For additional information, refer to our pamphlet Money Follows the Worker (Reciprocal Agreement).