How do I Change My Beneficiary?

If you are a Pensioner, and you elected the 60 Month Guarantee form of payment, you may change your beneficiary at any time, where permitted by law. Please click here to download the Beneficiary Designation Form (EN) /  (FR) and mail it to the LPF Office. However, it is important to remember that if you have already received 60 monthly payments, your beneficiary is no longer entitled to any payments upon your death.

If you elected a Joint and Survivor Option, which is payable only to a Spouse, you cannot make any changes, once you have cashed your first pension cheque or 30 days have passed from the date it was deposited into your bank account. Also, if you later become separated or divorced, you cannot change the Joint and Survivor Option, as a survivor benefit payable to a Spouse is protected under the Pension Benefits Act.