A Guide for New Members

When you become a Member of the LPF, you will receive a welcome package containing a pension booklet summarizing the LPF Plan Rules, a Beneficiary Designation Form, and a LPF Member ID Card. 

The LPF Member ID Card contains a unique 6 digit Member ID number that allows you to login to our Members’ Online Services AccessLPF, where you can update your personal information, do pension estimates, check your contributions, report WSIB Claims and much more.

Your LPF Member ID number replaces your SIN number when communicating with LPF.  You must use it to log into our Mobile Apps and AccessLPF, and it will be quoted in all your personalized reports and statements.  

Naming a Beneficiary

It is very important to name a beneficiary to receive any death benefits that may be payable if you die before retirement.  You can add, change or update your beneficiary by completing a Beneficiary Designation Form and submitting it to the LPF Office.  As the Beneficiary Designation Form is a legal document, we cannot accept faxed or emailed copies. 

For important information about naming a beneficiary, download our information sheet or visit the Changing Your Beneficiary or Spouse page.  

Staying Informed

In addition to your Annual Benefit Statement, the LPF mails out the BUILD Newsletter twice a year to your home address as well as other booklets and important notices from time to time.  This is one more reason to keep your personal information up-to-date. 

You can keep yourself up-to-date by regularly accessing this website and by logging into AccessLPF to read the LPF’s published documents. 

Your Annual Benefit Statement

We mail an Annual Benefit Statement to all our vested members during the month of June of each year.  The Annual Benefit Statement is also available to view and download on our secure site AccessLPF by the end of May of each year.

If we don’t have your address, the Annual Benefit Statement will not be generated. Please make sure you keep us informed of any changes to your address.

Your Annual Benefit Statement will indicate how many pension credits you have earned and how much pension you are entitled to receive at the normal retirement age (age 65) based on the information available at the LPF at the end of the previous calendar year. 

Your Annual Benefit Statement also indicates your personal and beneficiary information and hours contributed on your behalf by your employer(s) during the previous calendar year. Please review it carefully and inform the LPF Office immediately if information is incorrect or missing.

You can use your Annual Benefit Statement to check your data and watch your pension grow. It will show you that the longer you are in the Plan, the bigger your pension gets. This will come in handy down the road when you begin making plans to retire.

How to Get a Pension Estimate

  1. Your Annual Benefit Statement provides a snapshot of your benefits as of December 31 of the previous year. You can also view all your Annual Benefit Statements by logging into AccessLPF.  Note that the statement is not generated when your address is missing.
  2. Log into AccessLPF to estimate your LPF pension based on your latest contributions.
    • You can get estimates for different retirement dates, based on your current contributions or based on projected future service. You can save the estimate reports and compare different scenarios.
    • A great tool for your retirement planning or just to see how your pension grows as you continue to work.
  3. You can also obtain a pension estimate by calling the LPF Office. In order to protect your privacy, you’ll be asked some security questions to confirm your identity before any information is disclosed.

Transferring Your Pension From Another Pension Plan?

If you joined the LiUNA Pension Fund and you have pension benefits in another registered Defined Benefit pension plan, you may be able to transfer these benefits into the LiUNA Pension Fund, just by providing your Termination Statement from your pension plan. Please contact the LPF Office for more information.

Making Self-Payments

You can make Self-Payments to increase your hours by making payments on your own.  To be eligible to make a Self-Payment contribution, you must:

  • Be an active vested Member
  • Be a member in good standing with (this means your union dues must be paid up-to-date)

Log into AccessLPF for more information and to use our Self-Payment tool to get an estimate of the cost directly from our website. Once you decide to make a Self-Payment you can complete the request online. 

Key Plan Benefits

The Plan provides you with a number of key financial benefits related to your retirement.

Here’s a quick overview:

Retirement Income – payable for your lifetime

The Plan pays you a monthly pension for your lifetime – no matter how long you might live. This means, you never run the risk of outliving your pension savings. With life expectancies in Canada steadily increasing and many people living into their 90s and beyond, the financial peace of mind that comes from a lifetime retirement income is more important than ever.

Retirement Options

The Plan recognizes that many participants want to retire before the normal retirement age of 65 and offers pension options that accommodate many different retirement ages.

You may retire any time after age 55. The Plan offers reduced and unreduced early retirement pensions depending on your age and credited service. Login to AccessLPF to read more on the Publications Page.  

Disability Benefits

You may be eligible for a disability pension from the Plan if you have been approved for a disability pension from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) while you were a member of the plan. For more information, visit the Disability page.