FAQ Category: Members

What is my Employer currently contributing for me?

Your pension contribution rate is set out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between your employer and your Local Union. You can either contact your union representative or log into AccessLPF and refer to the Contributions Page.

Can I buy more credits?

The LPF  is a Non-Contributory Plan.  This means that only your employer can contribute.  However, under certain circumstances the Plan rules allows for Self-Payment Contributions. Click here to read more.

What do I need to apply for a Disability Pension?

We require a copy of your CPP/QPP Disability Notice of Entitlement letter or a letter from CPP/QPP stating the date you become disabled, the effective date of your CPP/QPP Disability Pension and that you are currently receiving a disability benefit.  In addition, you must complete a Disability Pension Application online by logging into AccessLPF or contact us….READ MORE >>

How do I apply for a pension?

Log into AccessLPF and use our online pension application service (if you don’t have your LPF Member ID Number in order to log into Access LPF please contact the LPF Office immediately) or Contact us for assistance in completing the application over the phone. Visit the LPF Office and complete your application with the help of one of our Pension Benefits Analyst…READ MORE >>

When am I eligible to retire?

You may retire as early as age 55 as long as you are eligible for a benefit. You become eligible if your Employer remits 1,200 hours to the LPF on your behalf.

Have A Question?

If you have a question that has not been addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can submit your questions by email at pension_fund@lpfcec.org.