Working up to Age 71
Returning to Work after Retirement

Working up to Age 71

If you are a pensioner under age 71, and are collecting a monthly pension from the LPF, (with the exception of a Disability Pension) you can return to work under covered employment, however, your pension benefit payments will be suspended during this work period and the following applies:

  1.  Any pension payment(s) that are received after your re-employment date, must be refunded to the LPF;
  2.  You are obligated to advise the LPF office in writing at the start and end of your re-employment period;
  3.  Your pension payments will be reinstated effective the month after you stop working;
  4. Your pension will be re-calculated during your period of re-employment:
    •  Contributions are remitted on your behalf for a minimum of 1,200 hours if you are under age 65; or
    •  Contributions are remitted on your behalf for a minimum of 300 hours if you are over the age of 65;
  5.  Your employer is required to report on a T4 slip , the applicable Pension Adjustment amount.

Questions?  Please contact the LPF Office for more information.


 How to Notify the LPF 

Complete a Notice of Re-employment form and send it to the LPF Office as soon as possible. This form is also available at your Local Union.  

NOTE:  We do not accept notifications by telephone.

Once the LPF office receives your Notice of Re-Employment, your benefits will be suspended.  If you do not submit your form and pension contributions are remitted to the LPF on your behalf for a month in which you already received a pension payment, you will be required to refund the pension payment(s) to the LPF.