LIUNA Resources.

Notice of SOMEPP Election – January 2021

Following the most recently filed valuation report, the Trustees have filed a new written election with the Ontario Superintendent of Financial Services to be declared a Specified Ontario Multi-Employer Pension Plan (SOMEPP) under the Ontario Pension Benefits Regulation.  Log in to AccessLPF to read more on the Publications page.

Pension Plan Overview

This booklet provides an overview of benefits under the LiUNA Pension Fund (the “Plan”). It explains a number of facts about the Plan, including how to join, how to earn pension credits, and the types of lifetime pensions available. Log in to AccessLPF to read more on the Publications Page.

BUILD – Winter 2023 Newsletter

“The GTA is filled with overwhelming evidence of a booming construction industry with numerous skyscrapers under construction and cranes dotting the skyline.  Our city has had the most cranes in North America since 2015 and has five times more cranes than Los Angeles.  LiUNA can employ thousands of Canadian citizens and immigrants.  Last year alone,…READ MORE >>

Summary Plan Description

This booklet provides extensive details of the Plan features based on the Rules and Regulations in effect on and after March 1, 2015.  It explains in detail the benefits offered by the LPF, eligibility requirements to the various types of pensions, how your pension is calculated and much more.  Log in to AccessLPF to view this booklet…READ MORE >>

Bulletin – November 2020 – Uniform Formula Benefit

Our members are very important to us.  We want to make sure that you receive all of your pension information when you need it.  This bulletin outlines the new Uniform Formula Benefit.  The LiUNA Pension Fund will be amended to provide more fair and consistent benefits to members, irrespective of industry or collective agreement.  The…READ MORE >>

BUILD – Summer 2022 Newsletter

“The construction industry has been booming for some time now and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is great news for our LiUNA members as it means lots of work and opportunity! With no shortage of hours available, we are constantly on the look out for additional workers. Find out more by logging into AccessLPF to…READ MORE >>